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The Bottom flap folder of Heripack are the ideal start of your packaging automation

The delivery programme of Heripack Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG located at Meschede comprises semi-automatic packaging solutions for carton – mainly pre-glued blank cases (so called American Cases). Semi-automatic units are your first choice if you are just planning to automate your carton packaging but still do not want to invest in a fully automatic solution.

Semi-automatic systems which are available at Heripack:

Semi-automatic systems like the bottom flap folder take over time and power consuming working steps and therefore raise your output in production considerably.

The bottom flap folder of Heripack may be the ideal start for an automated packaging process. The operator takes a case blank and places it in the bottom flap folder. The bottom flap folder folds in the bottom flaps of the case within seconds and fixes the case for further filling (manually). So the operator has both hands free which has enormous advantages for your efficiency.

In case of big cases the bottom flap folder also allows oblique positioning of the case for easier handling. Bottom flap folders need not format changing; they can process various case sizes without interruption of your packaging process.

The bottom flap folder together with the carton magazine and the case sealer form our packaging islands which is our semi-automatic solution for manual case packaging.

The further machine programme of Heripack includes case erectors, top loaders, side loaders, case packers, palletizers and depalletising systems.

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