Heripack Verpackungsmaschinen

Layer palletiser of Heripack – a technology which has been proving itself for many years

Heripack Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG is specialised in palletising and has been manufacturing different palletising systems for many years now. Many of these palletisers are still in production today. During the years Heripack has acquired the know how on which customers from most different sector revert.

The machines has been redesigned and optimised steadily. For FachPack 2010 Heripack presented the new generation of layer palletisers.

Layer palletisers convince through their compact design at persuasive price-performance-ratio. Here the products first are grouped to a complete layer and then given on the pallet using a tablet. Your advantage: during changing of the pallet the production can still run; it is not necessary to stop.

Layer palletisers are used for products, which can be pushed. If you are limited in space but still need a certain flexibility layer palletisers will be your first choice.

The machine programme of Heripack also includes case erecting machines, top and side loaders, case sealers, case packing and end of line carton packaging machines.

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